How To Remove Makeup From Clothes

Remove Makeup From Clothes

Stains can be a bit stubborn and removing them can take away most of our time, so we only have two options: either to sit there for hours and remove the stain or bid farewell to our clothing, which isn’t an option for most of us. So, what do we do? How do we take care of those stubborn stains without ruining our clothes?

There are times in our lives where no matter how much we have taken care of not spilling anything on our clothing, something or the other always ends up leaving a stubborn mark on our clothes, and most of the time this mark is on our favorite clothing.

Now, there is always an option of washing that clothing but giving it a good scrub would make the color fade away. No matter how lightly you wash it, the stain only goes when you wash it many times. I know it’s a tricky part but you have got to do what it takes to save your clothing.

I have got the best and top-notch ways through which you can remove makeup stains from clothes. I have got some genius solutions for you which you will never regret trying.

Best And Top-Notch Ways To Remove Makeup From Clothes

Makeup wipes

This seems like a quick DIY, but you will be shocked to know that it is one of the most used tricks by makeup artists. Believe it or not this hack is a life saviour for many models. Makeup remover wipes are not only for your face but for your clothes too. Before using this you have to remember that it only works when the makeup is fresh. If it’s been long since the makeup has spilled on your clothes and it’s dry now, there is not much you can do about it. I know it sounds as if it wouldn’t work but just give it a try and see it for yourself. Just take out a wipe and rub it over the stain, you will find it vanishing in no time.

Blow Dryer

There might be times when you are applying a loose powder on your face and you spill it over your dress. During these mishaps using something wet wouldn’t help. Because powder is light you can just use a blow dryer to blast that powder off your clothes. Remember that using something else can mess things up, so go with this hack.

Soap And Water

There are chances that sometimes you aren’t lucky enough to have makeup wipes with you. So, what do you do then? Soap and water are two things that can be easily available at all places. How do you use it? Well, do not take a napkin or a towel and rub it on your fabric. Instead, take a very little amount of cold water and dab it on the stain. After doing this, rub the soap on your hands and apply it on the stain. Now, rub the clothes against each other and like you wash it. Do not use any dry tissues to wash it off as it will leave little white bits behind. This is just a quick hack for you so that when you have an emergency you can just do this and not worry about the dress much.

Use Alcohol

Who knew Alcohol could come in handy during these situations. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, if you do not have one then you can use a paper towel or any other cloth. Just dip it in rubbing alcohol and then use it on the makeup stain. Alcohol is effective on stains of lipsticks as it can break down all the waxy stains.

Makeup Stain Remover

Now, I know there are a lot of hacks you can follow but there are some easiest things you can do. If you are a person who uses makeup everyday then it’s better to invest in things like makeup removers so that it can come in handy for any of the fabric ruining incidents. If you search for it there are many makeup removers which are effective and easy to use. If you use them there will be no spot left behind and your fabric will look clean.


Makeup accidents are really common but if you are in a hurry the above tips and hacks can save you from embarrassment. So, just go through them and use these hacks in your next accident without worrying about ruining your fabric.

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