Farmasi Compensation Plan Explained!!

farmasi compensation plan

Farmasi, as a beauty brand, has enamored customers. Starting as a pharmaceutical company, the multi-national company based in Turkey has turned towards cosmetics with its indigenous makeup ranges.

The company adopts MLN marketing, where it’s product is sold through influencers, or by salespersons to their networks. This gives you a chance to join in their MLN plans and earn money!

The compensation plan of Farmasi works akin to any other MLN out there, except for the fact that there are many more ways to keep your earnings up.

How To Get Started Farmasi Compensation Plan 2022?

The upfront payment of around $20 gives you the basic sample kit with various product ranges.

When you sign up as a beauty influencer, you can access the basic 50% discount on all product ranges. This is applicable as long as you subscribe for the MLM and keep your account active by generating 125PV (equivalent to a sale of $125) every three months. It does not matter whether you buy the products for yourself or you sell them in your network. The same applies to website sales as well.

Apart from the direct sales revenue, you can earn a bonus through the recruitment program. This is termed the ‘team-building bonus,’ wherein you can cash in a part of the sales of your recruitments. As an active member, you have to recruit another professional for the same (though this may sound fishy, it is just a sales tactic to increase their army!). If your recruitments can complete the 125PV within two months of signing up, you earn a commission of 20$ (plus a Farmasi product) per recruit.

farmasi new year incentive 2021

With each recruit, you are increasing your group. And with the recruits recruiting others, you rise in the ranks of the downline. The group volume (GV) is another way to get bonuses. The GV includes the personal volumes(PV) of every person on your downline. As your GV increases, you can have a higher share in the bonus. The bonuses are a percentage of your PVs.

In addition, the group volume lets you earn the group bonuses from your first-line customers. There involves a complicated relationship, where the profit you earn depends on the difference in the bonus percentage you and the first line recruiters have. However, summing it short, you get to enjoy a share of the group volume of your first-line recruiters.

PS: The recruitments are OPTIONAL.

However, the thing about the recruitments is that it allows you to earn titles, which in turn have their additional one-time bonus plus car allowance each month. This is called leadership bonuses & is an incentive to grow together as a group. If your recruitment also, in turn, bags any of the leadership bonuses, you earn side points for that too. There is another way to earn side points. It is through the difference between your GV and your downlines GV. You need to hit a certain side point to enjoy the leadership bonuses.

Note: The titles are only earned if you fulfill the requirement for the given title five times in a row. If you miss the target, the cycle starts again.


Why You Should Get Started Farmasi Comp Plan ?

  1. Farmasi does not require you to set up an inventory. Instead, the company directly delivers any purchases directed by your account, & the commission is transferred to you. Alternatively, you can directly manage the sales by setting up bulk orders and making retail sales.
  2. You get all the affordable makeup ranges at a fantastic discount! A 50% discount on all product ranges is a stellar deal if you love makeup.
  3. There is always an opportunity to grow. The more you grow individually and as a team, the higher the stakes rise!


The Farmasi products have opened their door to the US markets in recent years. The high-quality products coupled with the affordable pricing make the cosmetic ranges highly desirable. As a result, the products have high market value, helping you achieve your compensation plans quickly, provided you develop a loyal consumer network.

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