7 Tips For A More Symmetrical And Balanced Face

how to get a symmetrical face

Facial symmetry is considered the pinnacle of beauty standards. It is all about perfect proportions, the balance between various facial features, and having similar qualities on both sides of the face. However, not everyone is born with a symmetrical face, and most have to “work” on their features to achieve the perfect balance.

There can be several reasons for asymmetry, including prior injuries, genetics, stroke, and even lifestyle habits. Fortunately, there’s a solution called surgery, and when combined with a few simple non-surgical options, your face will look its best in no time. So, let’s get started!

Here Are The 7 Tips How To Get Symmetrical Face

1. Permanent Surgical Options

Your genes may have betrayed you, but science won’t. There’s nothing on your face that a little surgery can’t help fix. Facial asymmetry can be a serious problem for many, especially if it’s something to do with the centerpiece of your face – the nose.

Did you know that celebrities are more likely to go for a “nose job” or rhinoplasty than any other type of facial surgery? That’s because the nose is the most defining facial feature that can single-handedly

decide how we look. So, if yours is working against your face, rhinoplasty might just be the solution for you. It’s a customizable medical procedure that can alter the size and shape of your nose.

2. Facial Yoga Exercises

Just like regular yoga helps to keep your body toned and shaped, facial yoga exercises can do wonders for your face’s symmetry. These facial exercises are targeted to specific muscles on your face and mind. Repetition of these exercises can tighten the skin, improve complexion and improve your face’s weak side.

For instance, face stretch exercises such as tilting your face upward and smiling, creating an “O” with your mouth, or widening your eyes while sticking your tongue out are great for muscle toning. Repeat each exercise about ten times within a 60-second timeframe to transform your face for the better.

3. Fillers And Injectables

Apart from permanent surgery, several non-surgical options also help attain a perfectly proportionate face. You must know the Kardashians, right? Ever wonder how they get those fuller lips and killer cheek
cuts? Thanks to facial implants and fillers, it has never been easy to look like a goddess.

Fillers can help you deal with concerns like shallow contours, deep creases on the head and around the lips, wrinkles, and thin lips. Got slightly enlarged facial features or asymmetrical facial movement? Fillers are like magical potions for such problems. Just ensure that you conduct extensive research about the procedure as well as the service provider.

4. The Cheek Toner Exercise Does Wonders

Can’t afford expensive options? Don’t worry; let the cheek toner exercise do its magic. Start by taking three fingers and pressing the upper cheek on each side. While you do that, push the muscles with your fingers toward the jawline while keeping a huge smile on your face.

Smiling will help with resisting pressure and manipulating the cheek muscle. Keep repeating the exercise a few times & don’t forget to gently pull your cheek muscles down and create resistance as you go up.

5. Up Your Makeup Game

When all else fails, you can always resort to the safest option. In this case, it’s the illusion of makeup. You can transform yourself completely with just the right contouring tricks. Usage of highlighters,
contours, concealers, and bronzers can create facial symmetry as if it’s a hundred-dollar Photoshop job.

Since each face is unique, try customizing your makeup according to your face’s shape and complexion. Enhance your features with the right makeup tools, such as lip liners to create a symmetrical lip shape or eyeliner to create the illusion of sleeker and fuller eyes.

6. Try Facial Massages For Symmetrical Face

Just like facial yoga exercises, different facial massages can bring tightness to your skin and increase circulation. Applying pressure at the right points in gentle circular motions can promote lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

The less puffy your face, the more balanced it seems. You can try a few effective massages at home, including using your thumbs to massage the jawline in upward motions or working your knuckles to massage the cheeks upward for a facelift. You can also try massaging your forehead in a circular motion and using your middle and index fingers to massage the temple as well.

7. Work On Your Posture

Believe it or not, sitting with a hunch is as bad for your facial symmetry as it is for your back. For instance, if you constantly squint your eyes to see a screen, you’d be training your face to be that way subconsciously. It’s like favoring one side of your face if you constantly chew with a single side.

Lifestyle habits, including how you sit, eat, and even talk, greatly impact facial symmetry. Your entire body is interconnected. So, if you slouch, you’re ultimately putting pressure on your neck, which is connected to your face. Ensure that your body is centered and your posture is correct.

In-Conclusion Of Symmetrical Face:

Everybody wants to look their best, and a person’s face serves as a prominent focal point. Facial asymmetry can be a downer for many, but options like surgeries and facial exercises can help achieve
your beauty goals.

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