6 Best Lipsticks For Monsoon Season

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Monsoon is all about that fresh shower of rain that makes everything perfect after a hot summer day. And when we talk about all the freshness, it brings around a sense of vibrancy and fresh colours. And that should definitely reflect on your lipstick shade choices too! We saw a lot of trending lipstick shades and lipstick hacks that we absolutely loved. With all the amazing new lipstick shades, glosses, bringing back the evergreen brown lipstick shades and uplifting the original red lipstick shade, it has been a thrilling ‘lipstick ride!’ But there are so many fresh colour options available that it is difficult to choose just one. But don’t worry, we have a few of the best lipsticks for monsoon season.

Go ahead and scroll down to check out six best trending lipstick shades for this monsoon season.

Here Are The 6 Best Lipsticks For Monsoon Season

1. Two Pretty Nude Shades – Nude Pink & A Nude Brown

Two of the best lipsticks for monsoon would be a nude pink and a nude brown. These lipstick shades give you an instant boost of freshness and change your entire look. The best thing about owning a nude pink and a nude brown lipstick is that it goes with every outfit and every makeup look. You can also use these shades for your blush and your eyeshadow looks as well. Not just this, you can also use these lipsticks for monsoon like a tint for your lips and cheeks when you mix it with your neutral lip balm.

Tip: For this monsoon season pick a non transfer lipstick so that your lipstick does not wash out in the rain.

2. A Dark Brown Smudge-Proof Lipsticks

You can easily buy a brown lipstick online this monsoon season because this one lipstick shade is more than enough to elevate your entire look. If you are someone between a fair skin tone and a medium skin tone, then this dark brown lipstick shade is a bomb for you. The best part about owning a brown lipstick is that you can also use it to create a beautiful smokey eye makeup look and you can also use it to do your contouring. Make sure you own a creamy mat brown lipstick so that if you use it for other hacks then you can blend it out easily. A brown lipstick during the monsoon season gives the entire face a bright finish. This is definitely one of the best lipstick for monsoon.

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3. A Pretty Wine Shade

Pretty wine shade is not only a beautiful shade but it also brings out your bold side. You can easily wear a wine shade lipstick with your black dress or elevate your monsoon wedding look. When it comes to picking the best monsoon lipstick shapes, a wine coloured lipstick works like magic. Even if you choose not to wear any makeup, a gorgeous wine shaded lipstick is more than enough to make you look like a goddess. This lipstick for monsoon can also be used like a funky eyeliner when used with an eyeliner brush. If you are someone with medium to dusky skin tone then you can also use your wine shade lipstick for your blush for a pretty glow.

4. One Gorgeous Maroon Shade

Not just shared right here is one of the best lipstick for monsoon if you are someone with dusky skin tone. Make sure you have one gorgeous maroon shade lipstick in your full makeup kit so that you are sorted with all your makeup looks for dusky skin tone. The best part about a maroon lipstick shade is that you can also use it for your blush and your eyeliner for a colourful finish. A maroon lipstick shade not only brings out your facial features, but it is also a perfect shade for Indian skin tone.

5. A Statement Red Shade Best Lipsticks For Monsoon Season

You can never go wrong with a statement Red lipstick even on days when you don’t wear makeup at all. And when it comes to picking the perfect lipstick shade, red shall always top the list because it is that one shade that never goes wrong. Monsoon is the season of freshness and colours, and red lipstick is always a great choice when you are confused. If you are someone who is not comfortable wearing red lipstick, then this is your sign to begin now.

6. A Pink For All Your Moods Best Lipsticks For Monsoon Season

Now in your monsoon vanity kit, make sure you definitely have one pink lipstick. The best part about owning a pink lipstick is that it goes extremely well with all your outfits, all your makeup looks, and definitely suits all your moods. You can also use your pink lipstick for your blush, eye shadow, colour correction, and also create your very own tinted lip balm by mixing it with a neutral coloured lip balm. On days when you are confused on what lipstick to wear, just pick your pink lipstick and you are good to go.

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