How To Fold Jeans To Save Space

How To Fold Jeans To Save Space

A perfectly organized drawer or neatly packed suitcase isn’t as unrealistic as you may think. Learning how to fold and store jeans and pants efficiently is quite simple, and once you make a habit of it, it will come naturally. Folding jeans and pants with proper technique not only saves space in your home or while traveling but also helps cut down on wrinkles and keep them presentable when you need to grab clothes fast.

Learn how to fold and store jeans and pants efficiently to keep your drawers and suitcases organized and beautiful.

How To Fold Pants To Save Space?

  1. Lay flat the jeans and fold: To start, lay your pants on a flat surface. Next, remove any bumps and make sure the pockets are not bunched. Once the pants are entirely flat, fold in half lengthwise so either the front pockets meet or the back pockets.
  2. Fold the pants: Now, depending on the size of the drawer or suitcase, fold the pants in thirds or quarters. You have to bring the hems to the waistband to fold the pants in thirds or quarters.
  3. Keep the alternate direction while stacking: Here’s another important tip – while stacking your jeans, make sure you alternate the direction, so the pile doesn’t get lopsided. For instance, if the waistband of one pair of jeans is facing you, the next should be away from you. Doing this will ensure there’s no unstable stack in your suitcase or drawers.

How to fold jeans for travel?

Suppose you’re specifically packing suitcases for traveling. In that case, you need your pants to take up minimal space and arrive with as few wrinkles as possible. You can accomplish this by rolling your jeans. How? Find out here:

  1. Lay the jeans flat and fold: Start with laying the jeans on a flat surface. Remove all the bumps and make sure the pockets are not bunched. Then, as explained earlier, fold in half lengthwise so either the front pockets meet or the back pockets.
  2. Prepare the leg: Take the bottom part of the front leg and start folding it out to the side. The fold should start around the knee, with the bottom of the pant sticking out to the side.
  3. Tuck it: Now, starting at the waistband, roll the pants down towards the hem. Next, hold the rolled-out pants and turn the loose leg inside out over the top of the roll. Lastly, tuck the bulk of the pants into the pant leg. And your rolled pants are ready to travel with you.

How to fold pants with creases?

This method for folding pants helps keep the creases intact without creating new ones. Follow these steps to create proper vertical folds:

  1. Lay the pants flat and pinch: Lay your pants on a flat surface. Now use your thumb and the pointer fingers to pinch the waistband in the two spots above the leg creases.
  2. Fold the pant vertically: Now bring both the pinched spots together while pushing the zipper inward. Next, create a triangle fold in the back of the pants. This should look like an accordion-like fold. Finally, shake the pants to remove any bunches and lay them again on the surface to line up all the hems and seams.
  3. Fold the pants in half horizontally: Lastly, smooth out the pants using your hands and fold them horizontally and then in half again. Your pants are ready to travel with you.

How To Fold Jeans For Packing Hacks For Your Next Travel

  • Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is much faster and will save a lot of space in your suitcase.
  • You can stack bras on top of each other to save space. You can also store your underwear in the cups.
  • You surely don’t want those dirty shoes to touch your ironed clothes. Well, here’s an effective hack – you can store your shoes in a shower cap or shoe bag.
  • If you’re carrying breakables with you, such as glass perfume bottles, slip them into a sock to keep it safe. This will prevent any spills or scratches.
  • Why leave any space empty when you can use it? For example, unused spaces like the inside of shoes can hold items like chargers, headphones, or data cables.

The Bottom Line:

Keeping your drawers and cupboard organized is not difficult as it seems. So, next time after a laundry day, try the tips mentioned above to save more space. Also, these packing hacks for travel will help you keep your clothes wrinkle-free while saving space since every inch of empty space matters when you’re packing for your travel.

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