How To Wear A Skirt As A Man

How To Wear A Skirt As A Man

We are all hearing a lot about gender neutral fashion these days. It doesn’t mean that men are starting to wear women’s clothes, it just means that anyone can wear anything no matter their gender. Until the 16th century wearing a skirt or a similar garment like a skirt was commonly worn by men in the western culture.

However, with time in most of Europe and North America skirts are now being considered as women’s clothing. Well, for that matter of fact it’s considered as a women’s clothing all over the world. the world has to still get over the stereotypical thinking of clothing to be for a specific gender. Anyways, coming back to where we started you might be having a lot of questions about how to wear it or pair it with. Let’s focus on that for now.

It’s been years since men have worn skirts but in this new generation the world is changing and every clothing has become neutral. Anyone can wear anything without being judged, the only problem that arises here is what to pair the skirt with? There are a number of ways to wear a skirt, you can wear it with a top, Tee-shirt or even a shirt.

If you are a fashion influencer then I don’t think there will be anything that wouldn’t suit and even if not then I know you can make things work. I know you will figure things out and make yourself look extravagant and extraordinary. In western cultures kilts or skirts were worn by performers and it’s very common for us to see bagpipers wearing it too.

Will You Be Judged On The Basis Of Your Clothing?

I wouldn’t say that you wouldn’t be the center of attraction for others, which you will be because our society has set some stereotypes regarding clothes for everyone. Like dresses and skirts are only for females. The only thing that you need to remember when you are wearing a skirt is that you have to be confident and comfortable in whatever you are wearing. This adds to the beauty of the outfit and you will stand out, who knows you will look better than the others.

How And From Where Do You Buy It From?

If you are feeling a bit shy in buying a skirt from a shop then there are a lot of options you can buy from one of them being online shopping. If this is your first time buying a skirt then don’t shy away by searching for all the different types of skirts and try them on. There are a lot of types of skirts that are available and you can use them in a lot of ways. For the ones who are just giving it a go for the first time, it’s better to shop it from any place so that you can see how well it goes along with you. It’s always to try these on before giving it a go.

How Do You Pair It And With What?

As the fashion industry is growing, wearing a skirt with a tuck in shirt is not the only option for you. We have all seen ballerinas and no matter how graceful or beautiful they look, it’s always good to try something new. Skirts look good with bralettes, shirts and T shirts too. You can also try it with a pullover or a hoodie, it just goes so well with every type of fabric and clothing.

You can always add some accessories to your look as there is nothing called being overdressed. One can never dress too much for an occasion as dressing for one’s own self is what counts. As for the color combinations you can go through the Instagram handles of fashion influencers and give their account a good look. If you are a beginner and are wearing skirts for the first time, try consulting your friends to go through the outfit once.


Wearing a skirt is one of the most common things but that too for girls, as a guy if you are wearing skirts it’s just bold on your place. So, go out there and make a bold statement. Remember to be confident about what you wear and that will do its job.

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