Male 90s Hip Hop Fashion

Male 90s Hip Hop Fashion

New fashion styles emerged as hip-hop gained popularity in the 90s. In this era, hip hop caught the eyes of the world with its building character through fashion. Hip Hop fashion during this time was empowering, educational and fun. Rappers were seen in red, black, and green African Medallion, leather bomber jackets, fitted jeans, fitted snapbacks, blowsy pants, and dreadlocks. The nostalgic feeling of this era is tough to describe in words.

Let us see about some of the essential 90s hip hop fashion wardrobes in brief:

90s Hip Hop Male Fashion Wardrobes

Timberland Boots:

These boots became iconic in the 90s with artists all around the country. They originated in New England construction sites. People required boots that could keep their feet dry and warm even if they were standing outside the whole night. Due to the popularity of hip hop, Timberland became one of the biggest food companies across the globe. It is the most recognizable footwear in hip hop and is still stylish. Many Hip Hop artists wore timberland boots, and it is still in use.

Starter Jacket And Cap:

Sports team apparel became a big part of hip hop fashion of the 90s. American sportswear brand Starter dominated the market and became a part of the hip hop fashion of the 90s with glossy satin jackets and snapback caps. It became popular among sports fans and hip-hop entertainers. Unfortunately, some incidents were recorded of people being murdered for their jackets throughout the United States.

90s Hip Hop Fashion Wardrobes

Oversized Clothes:

Oversized clothing was a significant part of 90s Hip Hop fashion. The artist wore clothes twice their sizes, and it is in style even today. It was often called urban fashion, and from this culture, many brands like Fubu emerged. The 90s were all about portraying themselves as bold, prominent, and confident; that is why most hip-hop artists preferred oversized clothing during this era. Though it is in style today, most people prefer designer and luxury brands to catch the world’s eye.


It was something worn mainly by artists looking for a relaxed and comfortable look. It denotes the experimental nature of fashion in the 90s. Like Timberland boots, these were also made to protect workers, but 90s hip hop artists turned this into a popular trend. Many famous and prominent artists like Will Smith, TLC, and many more made dungarees popular during the 90s. Nowadays, these dungarees are available in different variations. You can select from fitted to baggy, and you can wear them with a t-shirt or hoodie.

The Cazal Eyewear:

It was a notable Hip Hop fashion of the 90s. Many bright Hip Hop stars rocked the stage with Cazal glasses. Artists used to wear these around town, in the music videos, and anywhere else they went. It was created by an Austrian eyewear designer in 1979. But they came to popularity only in the 90s hip hop fashion male. These glasses were high quality and expensive, and many could not buy them. So people, to snatch these glasses, killed others.

late 90s hip hop fashion male

Military Wear:

The military has influenced many great looks in men’s style and, of course, into hip hop too. The popularity of military wear also spread due to abundance in availability and affordable price. Many artists and groups used military gear to spread or speak on political issues affecting black Americans. Later it became a big trend in the 90s and still is. Complete 90s Hip Hop look consists of military pants, jackets, with Timberland boots. Nowadays you can wear military jackets with jeans or t-shirts.

Bandana Clothing:

It is a geographical fashion item that is associated with West Coast rappers and gang culture. The rapids to the West coast wore a bandana to represent their respective neighborhoods. And throughout the 90s, many subcultures also wore this clothing. And in no time, this trend was adopted by more and more people and worn simply as an on-trend accessory. The bandana clothing is in style even today for both men and women.


90s Hip Hop fashion is a unique style associated with the Hip Hop culture during that era. From 1990-1999 many cities and States contributed to different styles regarding Hip Hop fashion. Developments have taken place in men’s fashion over the years. However, many hip-hop fashions of that era are still in style today, and you can witness hip-hop influence even today.

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