Farmasi Starter Kit Options 2021 – Benefits & Pricing

Farmasi Starter Kit

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering, “What is the process of becoming a Farmasi beauty influencer” or “what is the Farmasi starter kit?”

Farmasi is a beauty and personal care brand that is open to 125 countries in the world. More and more people are becoming beauty influencers with Farmasi and for all the good reasons.

A Farmasi beauty influencer is the one who signs up to become the brand sponsor of Farmasi. After becoming a Farmasi influencer, you get benefits such as a 50% commission when you share with others and a 50% discount on your own personal purchases.

So, if you’re still not sure about signing up, let’s start from the beginning.

What is Farmasi?

Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care direct selling, manufacturer, and retailer company that deals in Personal Care, Natural Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, and Fragrances. In addition, it is among the fastest-growing direct sales companies with around 1 million representatives across the globe. The company was introduced in the United States in 2019 and now exports its products to 100 countries and 400 million people.

What Are The Advantages Of Becoming A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

  • Start your business with just $19.99

Yes, you heard it right. Starting your business with just $20 isn’t something usual. But Farmasi has kept the initial investment low, so anyone can sign in with the starter kit and become a beauty influencer.

  • No inventory required

Like other businesses, you don’t have to keep an inventory or ship products ever. If you become a Farmasi Consultant, all your products are sold online and shipped directly to your customers. This means you won’t have to go through packaging or shipping products or make any big upfront investment, for that matter.

  • You’ll get a 50% commission

Okay, so this is something that will grab your attention. Everyone starts with earning 50% commission on whatever they sell regardless of whether they have to build a team or not. So for those who are really good at sales but do not want to recruit a team, this is the perfect opportunity.

  • Premium quality products at affordable prices

With Farmasi, you and your clients will get high-quality products at very fewer prices. Farmasi has been manufacturing products for over 71 years, and their reputation is quite credible. The company meets European manufacturing quality standards, which means they ban over 1300 harmful chemicals used in beauty products. Moreover, Farmasi is a cruelty-free brand. Also, you will get a 50% discount on all the products you buy after signing up as the influencer.

So now that you know all the perks of signing in as a beauty influencer let’s see what’s a starter kit and the process of signing in.

The Process Of Signing In As A Beauty Influencer

  • 1 Step – Visit the Farmasi US website.
  • 2 Step – Fill out all the necessary personal information, including your name, address etc.
  • 3 Step – Choose your sponsor by filling out the unique code (if you have any).
  • 4 Step – Choose your Starter kit – You pay only $19.99 + shipping cost as a signing up fee. You can choose this or any other starter kit available on the website.

farmasi makeup starter kit

What Is A Farmasi Starter Kit?

While signing up as a beauty influencer, you will have to purchase one Farmasi Starter Kit. There are Three more options available other than the basic $19.99 kit. These are $ 49, $ 125, and $ 200.

What Do You Get In The $19.99 Kit?

This kit comes with a lot of makeup samples, including stay matte or VFX pro-camera-ready foundation samples, Lipstick minis, paprika, and chili balsam massage gel samples, calendula skincare samples, Farmasi opportunity guide, Keratin & garlic haircare samples, complete skincare guide, and two trendy Farmasi gift bags. Additionally, you get all these items in a sturdy Farmasi makeup box. You also get a FREE customized beauty influencer website – which will be emailed to you immediately after joining!

The Farmasi $ 49 Kit

You get a wide variety of products here at very affordable prices. However, the products keep on changing based on availability so make sure you check the website.

Farmasi $200 Starter Kit

You can choose among three Farmasi Starter Kit Options 2021 for the $200 kit: The Beauty Kit, The Clear and Bright Skin Kit, and The Detox and Healing Kit.

Farmasi Starter Kits 2021 Bottom Line:

With Farmasi, you can get the opportunity to be your boss. For this, you have to sign up as a beauty influencer, buy the Farmasi Starter Kit 2021 and start promoting the products to other people. You will earn a 50% commission on every product your clients buy. Do your own research before signing in, and be your boss!

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