Farmasi Bad Reviews

Farmasi Bad Reviews

Farmasi is a well-known multi-level marketing company operating internationally and dealing in beauty, wellness, household, personal care, and accessory products. Founded by Dr. C Tuna in 1952, it is one of the first Turkish companies to reach one of the top 100 biggest MLM companies.

The direct selling company has a lot to offer to people and is expanding on a big scale. With a rich experience of more than 65 years, the Turkish brand has grown to be a prominent name in the health and cosmetics industry.

More than 350 million people in over 120 countries have been using Farmasi products around the world. With all the positives, there are a few cons that the brand’s model faces.

Let us evaluate the Farmasi bad reviews one by one:

1. The Compensation Plan seems complicated:

The Company operates on a direct selling agent plan. But the compensation structure seems to be a bit complicated for people. For example, it has different bonus levels, various ranks, personal bonuses, team-building bonuses, many slabs, and many more calculations. So at times, convincing people to join them becomes problematic. But at times, there is a lot to gain out of confusion.

People at times fail in complex calculations, but once they get the taste of success, they never look back. There are a lot of failure stories of MLM structure, but there are even more success stories of people excelling in this business model. So opting for the model seems to be totally worth the trouble.

2. People consider the Income Potential as low:

When we talk of an industry average of beauty influencers working in different direct selling brands, the industry standards project the income to be about $700 to $2,500 per year. The problem here is not the company; the problem is the understanding of the business model. A lot of success stories show the growth of people who became beauty influencers.

3. The market is very Competitive:

Without a doubt, the beauty and healthcare market has grown manifolds. With a wide range of wellness, beauty, and cosmetics, the markets have become saturated. But with the growing competition also grows the scope to generate more income. The skincare and beauty industry is growing exponentially, and companies like Farmasi are constantly innovating to stay in the limelight. It helps them to have the edge over the competitors. Moreover, once you have used Farmasi products, it will never be easy to switch over because of their quality and affordability.

Farmasi Bad Reviews One By One

4. Cannot make money with Farmasi:

People often believe that making money with the brand is not a possibility. But this is not true. You can easily leverage the Multi-Level Marketing channel and grow your income.

You can earn heavy commissions on the sales as well as get great discounts on the products. But you must also be aware of the struggles attached to the MLM network. The MLM network needs hard work and dedication. People who are dedicated have grown manifolds in this industry.

5. Dispatch time for products:

The people believe that the dispatch time for the cosmetic products is not as per the set standards. There are delays in dispatch. But the fact is that the customer support teams work 24/7 to resolve all the conflicts. The TAT to resolve these conflicts is well within the industry standards.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that the Farmasi products are great quality products that suit every individual’s skin type. In addition, the company is a fast-growing international brand and has an income opportunity for everyone. So go in for purchase and experience for yourself.

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