How To Fix A Zipper On Jeans?

How To Fix A Zipper On Jeans

Zippers used in jeans are generally durable, but you may need to fix them once in a while. There are a few easy ways to fix a jeans zipper. You can do so by removing the teeth and top stops of the zipper and pulling it back on track. The missing or broken teeth can be covered up by a bottom stop.

Here Are Some Simple Methods To Get Your Zipper Back On Track:

Way 1: The Simplest Way To Fix A Zipper On Jeans

  1. Remove the metal pieces, also known as the top stops, from both sides. Pliers may be used to remove them. You can pull the top stops from the fabric once they loosen up. It will help the zipper to get back on track. The zipper slider must be at the bottom before you carry out this step.
  2. After this, you need to pull off a few teeth from both sides of the zipper. You will use the pliers and pull off around 3-4 teeth from both sides. You may throw these teeth as they are of no use.
  3. Next step is to remove the zipper pull. After the removal of a few zipper teeth, the zipper pull can be slid off easily and placed aside.
  4. Next, you need to press the zipper teeth using your fingers to close them tightly. It is the beginning of reconnecting the zipper teeth again. The teeth need to be interlocked firmly up to the top of the zipper.
  5. Next, you need to change the zipper pull. Once the teeth are interlocked, the zipper can be slided to the top.
  6. Next, you need to change the top stops. The top stops that were removed earlier can be reconnected to the fabric using pliers. Replace them above the zipper teeth close to the zipper fabric, leaving no gaps between the teeth and the top stops.

Way 2: Add A New Stop At The Bottom

  1. If you have missing or broken teeth, then you need to add a new bottom stop to the zipper.
  2. You need to begin by removing the top stops and the zipper pull using pliers. Carefully remove them from the fabric and slide the zipper pull down.
  3. Next, you need to press the zipper teeth to close them. Always begin doing so from the bottom. Press them hard to lock them in place.
  4. Now, you must put a bottom stop exactly above the broken teeth. This square metal piece with prongs can be pressed into the zipper fabric and fixed in the place where teeth are missing or broken. Use pliers to press them hard.
  5. You may now change the top stops and the zipper pull. You can slide the zipper pull back to the zipper top. The teeth must be closed before pulling up the zipper. You may now change the top spots using a plier.

Way 3: Fixing A Few Other Zipper Problems

  1. You may take care of a broken zipper track by using scissors and snipping the welt of the zipper between the teeth. You may now feed this side to the top of the pull. Next, you need to sew the area that is snipped by stitching it across from one side to another using a thread and a needle.
  2. You can use grease or wax if you face a problem with a stuck zipper. It will loosen the zipper and help you to open and close it easily. Do not apply wax to the fabric.
  3. A very simple hack to avoid unzipping is to put a safety pin. If the zipper pull is loose, then using a safety pin can hold it in place. The safety pin can be inserted through the fabric near the pull. You may also use hairspray to prevent the zipper sliding down. It makes the zipper hard, and it will not slide down.
  4. The last resort is to change the zipper completely if it cannot be repaired. At times the zipper is completely broken and cannot be fixed. You may replace the zipper and remove the old one.

How To Fix Off Track Zipper On Jeans

Zipper issues can be annoying, especially if they arise at the worst possible time. Your pants’ off-track zip can be a pain, but with a little perseverance and work, it can be corrected. The steps to fix a faulty zip on your pants are listed below:

  1. Identify the Problem: The first step is to identify where the zipper is off track. Sometimes the slider may have come off the teeth, or the teeth themselves may be bent.
  2. Use Pliers: If the teeth are bent, use a pair of pliers to straighten them out. This should help the slider move smoothly over the teeth.
  3. Use a Lubricant: Apply a lubricant such as WD-40 or lip balm to the zipper. This should make it easier to move the slider up and down.
  4. Align the Teeth: Use your fingers to align the teeth of the zipper. Start from the bottom of the zipper and work your way up. Make sure the teeth are evenly aligned on both sides.
  5. Reattach the Slider: Gently push the slider back onto the teeth. Use pliers if necessary to help guide it into place. Make sure the slider is on the right side of the zipper and move it up and down a few times to ensure it is properly aligned.

With these simple steps, you should be able to fix off-track zipper on jeans. If the problem persists, consider replacing the zipper or seeking professional help. Remember to take your time and be patient during the process.


All these simple hacks can turn out to be helpful when it comes to fixing the jeans zipper. You can easily do so at home and save on time and money.

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