How To Style Straight Leg Jeans For A Fashionable Look

How To Style Straight Leg Jeans

So, everyone’s talking about how skinny jeans are out of fashion and straight jeans have made their way. But the problem is, how to wear straight jeans without looking like a teen?

Styling straight jeans may sound pretty simple, but is it? As compared to skinny jeans and bootcut jeans, you have to be more particular when it comes to style straight-fit jeans. Here are a few things you can consider while styling straight jeans, along with some outfit ideas.

How To Style Straight Jeans?

Consider The Length Of The Jeans

Gone are the days for long jeans. For a more refreshing look, consider buying jeans that hit around your ankle bone, no matter how tall you are. Also, make sure the length is not too short, or it will give you a Capri look, something you definitely don’t need now.

Select The Accurate Waist Size

You must’ve seen younger kids wear oversized hoodies, shirts, and even jeans. These oversized jeans leave a gap near the waist at the back. If you’re a grown woman, you might want to skip this ill-fit part and select a size that fits you perfectly.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

While the younger kids are wearing sneakers and boots with straight jeans, you can try the following options to look more mature and elegant :

  • Block-heeled ankle boot
  • Loafer
  • Heels
  • Slim white sneakers
  • Pointed or almond toe flat

Ankle-length jeans will compliment shoes very well during the warmer months. You can pair them with flats, wedges, or heels that showcase your ankles and aren’t super bulky at the top of your foot, making the leg line longer. On the other hand, when the weather gets colder, you may want to shift to shoes or boots covering your ankle.

Accentuate Your Waist With A Half Or Full Tuck

While skinny jeans enhance your curves, it’s quite the opposite with straight jeans, as you may easily lose shape. That’s why accentuating your waist is crucial. Consider the following tips to make your outfit look polished :

  • You can define your waist by partially or fully tucking in the top you’re wearing.
  • If you don’t want to tuck in, make sure your top isn’t excessively long. The top you’re wearing should be one-third part of your body.

Add Elegant Accessories

What attire is complete without accessories? Don’t forget to add a classic piece of jewelry, a leather belt, a classy watch, and an elegant purse. You can experiment with the accessories to find something that suits you well.

Outfit Ideas With Straight Jeans For Different Events

Pair With A Blazer For The Office Or Casual Outings

So depending on your office’s dress code, you can pair your straight jeans with a turtle neck or top and a blazer. You can also wear this outfit to a girl’s night out or any casual outing. For this, you can also add ankle-length booties and a sling bag to complete the look. Lastly, make sure the top and blazer you pick fit you perfectly.

Wear A Sweater For A Date Night

Here’s a go-to option for all the last-minute date plans – pair your straight jeans with a nice warm sweater and pumps or any strappy heels. You can tuck in the sweater to make your waist look more defined. A long coat can also add uniqueness to your outfit, but again it entirely depends on you. Lastly, complete your look with a chic clutch.

Wear Trench Coats On Weekends

Straight jeans with a fitted blouse and classic trench coat make a perfect go-to. You can complete the look by adding your favorite chick flats and top-handle handbag. During winters, you can try the look with turtlenecks and ankle-length boots.

The Wrap-Up:

Since straight denim has become a wardrobe staple, you’re going to need more than just one way to wear them. The best way to wear denim is whatever makes you comfortable. Fashion doesn’t go well if you’re not comfortable. Hopefully, these ideas gave you fair options to wear your straight jeans confidently next time. First, however, make sure you pick the right waist size and length to enhance the overall look.

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