Distressed Look : How To Cut Holes In Jeans For A Vintage Effect

How To Cut Holes In Jeans

Distressed Jeans have become a fashion statement. Unfortunately, jeans with holes or distressed versions are much more expensive as compared to the regular ones. A few hacks can help you hop on to this trend and cut holes or rough up the jeans on your own.

Step By Step Instructions To Cut Holes In Jeans


Start with choosing a pair of jeans that you wish to distress. You must go in for a comfortable fit or take up a pair of jeans that might be old or a little torn. Little washed jeans give you a perfect look and look as if they are store-bought.


Now is the time to gather all the materials. All you need is something sharp to tear and rip the jeans. Using a pair of scissors or knife/razor will be apt if you want to cut holes. Sandpaper, steel wool, pumice stone, or a grater can give a frayed look.


Choose the place where you wish to rip the jeans from. Mark the spot using chalk or pencil, and using the ruler, mark the entire area keeping in mind the width needed for the holes. These chalk marks can be washed off easily using water. Generally, ripping around the knees is much in trend. You must mark the size because too big a hole will be uncomfortable while you bend the knees.


Now, you need to place the jeans on a flat surface. You may place cardboard in between the legs of the jeans while you start the distressing so that the effect comes only on the front side of the jeans. Be careful that you place thick cardboard to avoid cutting on both sides.


Now is the time to start the process of fraying using sandpaper. The steel wool or sandpaper will help thinning the area before you start to cut holes in the jeans. In addition, the process of fraying helps in loosening the area and makes the ripping easier. The fraying can be carried using sandpaper, pumice stone, or a ball of steel wool, depending on the area and fiber thickness.


After completing the process of loosening the fibers to create the holes easily, you need to see if you need any more frayed areas in the jeans. The stringy patches can be created using a knife or a pair of scissors that you have already weakened using steel wool or sandpaper. The loosened fibers will let you show off a little skin when worn. In addition, you may pull out a few threads sticking out from the fabric and further enhance the look.


Now is the time to cut holes in the jeans using a pair of scissors or knife. Catch hold of the pair of scissors and make a small cut in the frayed area. The cut needs to be as small as possible. An extra-wide cut may just spoil the pair of jeans and make it un-wearable. The cut must be about an inch long. Smaller holes will make it look more natural.


If you are dissatisfied with the cuts made by a scissor or knife, you may further rip the jeans using your hands. Ripping with your hands will bring out the fiber, and it will give a naturally distressed look. It will look like a real hole. You may tug the threads further to pull them for natural rips. You must avoid cutting a big hole as this will appear to be unnatural. Alternatively, give a small cut and let the hole grow as you wear the jeans regularly.


If you do not want the holes to get bigger as you wear the jeans, you may sew the holes around the perimeter to avoid further distressing. In addition, it will help you reinforce your jeans. Sew the jeans by machine or hand, using a blue or white-colored thread to give a natural look. You may even use a patch to give it a trendier look.


Your distressed jeans are ready to wear. It gives the same look as the store bought ones. So be ready to receive all the compliments and that too after involving zero cost! Use these simple hacks and give the pair of old jeans a new look. All that is needed is to grab a pair of scissors and get started!

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