How To Make Jeans Waist Smaller

How To Make Jeans Waist Smaller

Stitching On The Side Seam

There are two techniques to approach the sideseam procedure.

First, as indicated in the last part, cut the waistline and stitch two darts from each side of the waistline. This procedure offers you professional, tailored curves that tighten in at your waistline if you have curved hips.

However, removing the waistline, inserting two darts, and resewing the waistband is time-consuming. If you prefer something less professional, consider this option, which includes darts but does not eliminate the waistline!

  1. Put your pants on backward. Then, pull up an equal amount of leeway from both sides of the waistline using both hands. To keep the constricted waistline in place, use a small safety pin or binding clips.
  2. Attach the new inside edge of the waistline to the side seam with safety pins. You could wish to bend the lines you pin to make your body more suitable physically.
  3. Remove the trousers cautiously and create a chalk line immediately outside your hooks to provide for a seam allowance. This should be done on both side seams.
  4. Starting from the bottom of a dart, where your curved point joins the original side seam, sew across both chalk lines. Trim away any excess fabric at the top of the waistline if that is more than a ½ long to avoid a clunky finishing.
  5. Flip the pants inside out and attempt them on once more!

Button Jeans

Moving the hook away from the buttonhole is a simple technique to make the waistline of your trousers a little narrower. The diameter of the waistline might be a little smaller if you button your pants using this method!

  1. Take the button off the jeans with a tiny embroidery scissor or a seam remover.
  2. Put the trousers on and slide the buttonhole away from the old button, ending when the waistline is snug.
  3. Make a mark on the button edge of the waistline at this juncture.

Remove the trousers and stitch the button back on at the new spot with a sewing needle.


When you don’t have any tools on hand, you could always try switching the waistband over there to pull it a little tighter.

Close the waistline with a button and pull over 2 to 3 inches of the waist. If you don’t care about the button stabbing you in the belly the whole day, you can tuck it inside the trousers for a cleaner look from the outside.

Everything inside the waistline can be folded with the outside, which would be more relaxing but less attractive.

Button On The Belt Loop

An easy tip for temporarily tightening your jeans is to wrap a belt loop over the initial button. This strategy is beneficial if you intend to wear a sweater or jacket that can be draped over your waistband, concealing your urgent rescue mission!

  1. Unbutton your trousers to test this procedure.
  2. Don’t worry about the actual buttonhole. Alternatively, look for the nearest belt loop on the opening’s buttonhole edge.
  3. As though it were a buttonhole, thread this belt’s loop well over the hook!
  4. The surplus material between both the belt loop and the button will be gathered, tightening the waistband.

Please remember that this technique is not the safest or most expert, but it will suffice in an emergency.


For a fast fix, you can use proper safety equipment, binder clip, or elastic bands to adjust your jeans at the waist. To stretch the waistline a little further, shift the button to the side and draw the other buttonhole over it. If your pants have an elastic waistline, you can reduce the waist by adding a new, tighter piece of elastic.

Trim the waistline and add darts to take up the additional cloth for an even more professional look. Instead, a dart at every side seam might be implemented to allow for curvier hips.

If everything else fails, immersing the trousers in a bowl of hot water and then putting them in an elevated dryer will reduce them all around.

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