All Types Of Farmasi Makeup Brushes Explained

Farmasi Makeup Brushes

Farmasi is a beauty brand that has surprised our customers. Founded as a pharmaceutical company by Dr. Cevdet Tuna in 1952, Farmasi is an excellent personal care and cosmetics brand. In addition, this Turkey-based multinationals is serving consumers with their makeup line. Farmasi has more than 2 billion sales in Turkey and plans to start manufacturing in the United States (Miami).

Why Go For The Farmasi Makeup Brushes Range?

Farmasi products believe in celebrating the beauty of everyone. These products are world-class, innovative, and of high quality, serving customers the best products from around the world.

All products contain all-natural ingredients with proven benefits. All Farmasi cosmetics are non-animal, non-toxic, and comply with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, all makeup products are vegan certified, gluten-free, and free of animal by-products and artificial colors.

Farmasi Make Up Brushes

Packing: The Farmasi brush comes in a clear plastic case with full precautions so that the products are not damaged during shipping.

Product: These makeup brushes have a thick wooden handle, a metalhead, and black synthetic bristles. The brushes have black hair. White hair looks dirty and glossy even after one use. The brushes are a little dense but do not leave any strong streaks moving in any direction.


The brushes have a nice and solid handle.
They have black hair.
They don’t take in too many products and avoid any wastage.
These brushes can be used with all types of liquid foundations and creams.
The brushes dry immediately after washing them with water.
There is no “new brush plastic” unpleasant odor.


The brushes are a little denser.
The plastic package made it look a bit shabby.

Types Of Farmasi Brushes.

All makeup brushes are designed to make it easier and more perfect to apply a particular product, and a good brush will help each application well and safely on the skin. Farmasi understands this, and so its brushes are worth giving a try.

Farmasi Eyeliner Gel Brush

It is a non-toxic and convenient eyeliner brush. It helps apply eyeliner perfectly and evenly on your eyes and does not consume additional products to avoid wastage. In addition, these brushes help in putting liner for natural, controlled, and tight eye line definition.

Farmasi Angled Blush Brush

This blush /powder brush is fluffy and has long and soft bristles making the brush gentle on the skin. The brush is created to distribute and spread the blush on your cheeks evenly. Not absorbing many products at once helps avoid a reddish or too much blush appearance.

Farmasi Two-Sided Facial Brush

This exceptionally designed facial brush has two sides. According to different makeup products and needs, the sides can be used. Therefore, it is perfect for the application of detailed makeup. In addition, it provides the perfect blending of products.

Farmasi Foundation Brush

Of the many varieties of foundation brushes found in the market, this Foundation Brush is one of the easiest to use and versatile face brushes. The tapered shape of the brush adapts to any and every angle, allowing for a gentle and comfortable blend. The precise shape is ideal for applying and blending liquid and creamy foundations for a streak-free finish. It can also be used to get a sharp contour around the nose.

Farmasi Two Sided Eyebrow Brush

This eye shadow brush by Farmasi is perfect for applying eye shadow even for beginners. It’s very soft and gentle and does not hurt the eyes at all. Moreover, it applies and spreads eyeshadow evenly and efficiently.

Farmasi Eyeshadow Brush

As any makeup enthusiast knows, blending is paramount when making makeup. These eyeshadow blending brushes are great for applying and blending eyeshadow on your eyelids. In addition, it helps to achieve the completely smoky look you want.

Farmasi Lipstick Brush

The hair tips are long and thin, making it ideal for applying lipstick and gel eyeliner. It’s thin and very soft, so it’s perfect for applying lipstick. This brush is highly accurate and is ideal for more specific makeup applications. The hair does not fall off after usage.


These high-quality products, coupled with the affordable pricing, make the cosmetic ranges highly desirable.

These makeup brushes are super affordable, portable, and easy to carry, making them great options against competitors. These brushes also come in sets of various designs like leopard print or black and pink in color.

These are worth giving a try.

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