How To Become A Fashion Stylist


We often get lured away by the glitz, glamour, and sharp and fashionable look of models and celebrities. But have you ever wondered what the secret of their wardrobe is or who is behind the curtains helping them catch the limelight? A fashion stylist works for them so that these people walk the red carpet in luxury and style and give a mesmerizing look.

If you have some taste in fashion and want to become a trendsetter and bring out appealing and catchy trends, you can make your career in this field. Becoming a fashion stylist is not just about glamour; but it also requires your hard work, creative mind, and dedication.

What Is The Work Of A Fashion Stylist?

The pressure for nailing the look of celebrities increased with the evolution of the fashion industry and the introduction of social media. So to fulfill this demand of always giving a sharp look, various celebrities and other famous personalities started hiring a stylist for this task. The work of fashion stylists is to fulfill the demand for dresses and attires according to the occasion.

Fashion stylists decide the clothes or style the clothes according to the function, whether a marriage, sports event, conference, photoshoot, award show, etc. They must be knowledgeable about the style statement of the figure and customize the dress according to that.

And to know about the current trends and fashion development they must research it and attend fashion shows. Fashion is not constant; it keeps on changing with every event. If a fashion stylist puts together clothes for a particular photo shoot, they decide its background, props, and mood.

What Are The Skills Required?

If you are organized and have potential, you can become a fashion stylist without the barrier of your degree. A few of the skills requirements for becoming a fashion stylist are:

  • Creativity and hard work are the key points to your journey of becoming a fashion stylist.
  • Your main work is to bring about innovation in this field, and for that purpose, you require a creative mindset.
  • You must know the rapidly changing traditions and trends in this field.
  • You must have an appealing sense of style and understand different physiques.
  • Work ethics is essential, and you must have good communication skills.
  • You should be knowledgeable of advertisement and marketing and update yourself about design, media, and art.
  • You must know time management and be an efficient multitasker.
  • You should be knowledgeable about Microsoft technicalities and Photoshop.
  • You must be a tireless worker and dedicated to your work.
  • You must have proper knowledge about various cultures, traditions, current styles, trends, fashion shows, etc.

Tips To Becoming A Fashion Stylist

If you are passionate enough, you can follow specific key steps to pursue a career in becoming a fashion stylist.

1. Innovate your style: the most important thing is to understand whether this profession is what you need. You can watch fashion shows or fashion weeks conducted in different countries and gather details about great fashion icons and research.

Do some experiments with trends and different fashion styles and keep finding a unique style. If you can find your style, you have already conquered the first step of beginning in the fashion field.

2. Pursue your degree: following fashion icons as trends is a significant and constant thing to do for someone interested in becoming a fashion stylist. Apart from that, if you have the right degree in education in this field, you can quickly understand the history of fashion, growth in trends, and more information. Having an appropriate bachelor’s degree or diploma can also open more career options for you in the fashion industry.

3. Land in internships: it is vital to assist a fashion stylist or explore internships. It will help you understand more practically the work of a fashion stylist and how you will deal with various people. Furthermore, it will boost up your self-confidence and also establish a helpful network with influential people.

4. Maintain your portfolio: maintaining your previous works will help you in future reference while also looking for a job.

5. Research: Keep studying and updating yourself with the latest trends, what is out of fashion, different looks, etc. It will help you tackle the risk involved in creating new designs. If you have the proper knowledge and do extensive research, you can understand whether the trends are appropriate and acceptable.

6. Establish a network: build a strong network using your connection from the internship or college. This network can help you to find the best jobs. Furthermore, you can also reach out or connect with renowned professionals through reference using this good network.

7. Conversation skills: keep improving your communication skills. It will not only help you to boost your career but also build connections and grow.


Fashion stylists have several opportunities to work. There are several shows and events where fashion stylists are required. If you have a certified degree, you can explore the various career opportunities in the fashion field. This article was all about the details of becoming a fashion stylist and what the skills required are.

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