Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Color Trends

Spring Summer

Summer is here and after the long wait you surely would want to wear something short and comfortable. Something relaxing that makes you feel closer to nature, something that lets you feel the breeze on your hands. Spring/Summer is a season with colors, everything around us feels so lively and joyful.

It’s like a festival that goes on for months. Going out on picnics with lunches or taking a day off and going to the beach. I can just feel the sun on my skin right now, these are the good days that we had been waiting for so long, they are back so why not live it to its fullest by wearing the best outfits. As summer is a season of colors, let’s start mixing and matching and decide the colors we would want to wear this season.

There are a lot of bright colors we can choose from, there’s nothing like too much or too many so go crazy and go for all of these colors this season.

Pirouette Pink

We have all been crazy about pink, no matter how much we thought the color was more feminine, we always wanted to try it ourselves. There are a lot of shades of pink and pirouette pink is one of them. The color is delicate and chic at the same time. You can wear it in the evenings or on days too. One can never look underdressed or overdressed in this color. This summer give this color a try and wait for the heads to tilt when you walk outside wearing it.

Pastel Aqua

Summer is a season of color and everything around feels full of life. This season let’s leave behind black and grey and go for bright and unique colors. This color is a mixture of sea green and blue but at its lightest shade. This color suits everyone regardless of their complexion and that too on all occasions. This color looks elegant and no matter what you wear be it a short dress or a tee shirt, this color will look informal and elegant at all times. This color celebrates beauty and elegance so don’t wait anymore and give it a try.

Sphagnum Moss Green

Green has always been a color of nature, it is considered as the color of the military but as of now, this shade of green is trending and would always make you stand out of the crowd. It belongs to the fall palette but as green is a versatile color this would look from jackets to shorts this color is versatile and will easily match with any other color too.

Cherry Red

Now, who isn’t in love with the color red. It just belongs to everyone. Whoever wears the color red, literally owns the color. The cherry red shade is a bright shade of the color red and it is vivid. You can show off this color at both times be it evening or the day time. It’s a bright shade and has an intensity and fullness in it. It goes on with all personality types, if you are going for a hot or even a cute look. It will give a different look to your outfit and will also add a bold look to it.

Other than this you can look for other shades like blue, peach and illuminating yellow too. These colors are bright and have been trending for a long time. You also wouldn’t have to worry about pairing it with some other colors as they are so versatile. Yellow goes on well with white and moss green too.

The Bottom Line:

Why wear colors like grey or black when there are other amazing colors too. This summer matches your outfits with the weather and looks brighter and lively. If you wear these colors not only would you stand out from the crowd but you will also get a lot of compliments along with it. So, don’t worry and go with the trend.

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